5/16/21- Kokanee

Today was a day of epic proportions!! We started off the day with a couple that was new to Kokanee fishing. Well…. they had a blast with all the action that Lake Chelan was offering. It took us a few minutes to find the fish but once we did doubles and triples became the norm! By the end. These two were worn out from catching their 20 Kokanee. With grins on their faces and cleaning done they were off to finish the rest of their days with a memory that will last a lifetime!!! Next I decided to call Brianna and Tonya with Livin Life Adventures and see if she wanted to go fun fish since their trip was done. We headed out and began to hoot and holler until we had 29 fish in the box! That makes for 49 fish landed on the boat for the day. This was a great day and can’t wait to get back on the water!!